Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More fun at Meet The Artist

I had fun working in the kitchen at Lanternhouse for another Meet The Artist day today.

I've been wondering about the amount of effects/processing I use on field recordings and after working with Steve & Mary the other day and not using much in the way of effects I thought I'd revisit the loops I've been working with on the project and try and do a 'dry' improvisation, so you hear the actual sounds more. Here's a little workout from the stuff I recorded whilst jamming about which for the sake of it having a name I've called Drystone Welding.

Iain McNicol popped in today and we have arranged to go and record his singing bowls around the county on Monday, he knows some really interesting places so expect some brilliant results :-) We may even try and do a live broadcast somewhere along the way.......Talking of which I will be performing a live internet TV broadcast from Lanternhouse at the last Meet The Artist day - I will post more details soon.....

Barrovian poet Ann Wilson came along in the afternoon with her loop station pedal and we had a bit of a jam - we had a play with a couple of poems and then a general inprovisation. It was good fun and interesting to see how we could work together. 

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