Thursday, 17 March 2011

3 new remixes submitted

We have had 3 new remixes sent to us for the project.

A 3rd remix from Bubble in Canada - this one is called Cone I  - John of Bubble includes two tracks from the Cumbria sounds, a field recording of rain from the Cumbria field recordings, a guitar track, a violin, tibetan singing bowl and one from my friend the opera singer...
Bubble on the internet.

Bubble on Soundcloud
Bubble website

CumbriaNACHTmix is by Nachtsmeer from Manchester who has recorded for Skam records and played All Tomorrow's Parties and Future Sonic.

Nachtsmeer website
Nachtsmeer on Facebook

Jaaccckkkk & Iiiaan a remix of the recordings by Jack & Ian from Flookburgh by Nottingham's Guy Birkin, Guy said of his work: 'I thought you might like to hear what I did with some of your Cumbrian oral history recordings. I love Jack and Ian's vocabulary, their phrasing, timing and tone, so I thought I'd do this simple experiment of layering the tracks. Great project you've got here. Regards, Guy'

Guy Birkin has a blog Aesthetic Complexity 

All tracks and samples used by Cumbria Remixed are not licenced by Cumbria Remixed as stated below but by the individual artists. Each artist has licenced their material under a Creative Commons licence and Cumbria Remixed thanks each and everyone of them for letting us share their work on these pages. Please contact each artist for individual licencing information.

All the remixes can be downloaded here

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