If you would like to get involved with the project and do a remix for us please download one of the Cumbria Remixed Sample Packs - this will be an ongoing process so please call back to check for new ones.

If you do a remix please send us a copy - either to our soundcloud drop box or send to We will be featuring them on the blog and are hoping to do a net release with them in the future so get in touch. All will be under Creative Commons licence. Please include artist name, track title and website details so we can add you to this page.

All the remixes can be downloaded here

We look forward to hearing your work.
  • All N4tural (Germany) - Funk Of Cumbria - Soundcloud
  • Beed & Fascia (US) - Goodbye Faerie, Goodbye - Soundcloud
  • Guy Birkin (UK) - Jaaccckkkk & IIIaan - Website
  • Bubble (Canada) - Cumbria Shake Mix, Braid & Cone I- Soundcloud
  • Adrian Carter (UK) - Bessie - Soundcloud
  • Carya Amara (UK) - The Sound Around Me - Website
  • Closed Eyes Are Dancing (UK) - Lanternhouse cead & Lanternhouse ceeronsvek - Soundcloud
  • Dead Kousin (UK) - Mica Burn - Soundcloud
  • Electric Plum (UK) - Overworked Door Shot To Pieces By Frog
  • Ian Holloway (UK) - Balefire - Quiet World
  • InternalExternal (UK) - Cloudy Raintime - Soundcloud
  • Keith Jafrate (UK) - Many Hearts - Website
  • Carlos Lemosh (US) - District Of Eden - Bandcamp
  • Loalue (Italy) - Lanternhouse (All The Cumbria Lakes Remix) -  Soundcloud
  • Nachtsmeer (UK) - CumbriaNACHTmix - Website
  • Noise Research (UK) - The Lanternhouse Remix. - Electronic Musik
  • Derek Piotr (US) - Rum Cabi - Soundcloud
  • Phil Powell (UK) - Pause For Allan - Soundcloud
  • WaterGunWaterGunSkyAttack (US) - Urban Wrens - Soundcloud