Would you like to contribute? I am looking for sound recordings from Cumbria to add to the project, they can be in any format and can be of absolutely anything - A song, a story, a recording of your environment really anything.

The only things that I require is that
1. The sound was recorded in or about Cumbria.
2. you are happy donate the sound to the project and that you agree that the recording is either your own or there are no copyright issues with the use of the recording.
3. Any recording deemed inappropriate will not be used.

All the recording will be made available for public use under creative commons licence so others can remix and use them.

If this sounds ok to you and you would like to join in the fun you can use the dropbox on our soundcloud page or email/file share etc to

If you require any further information about the project please drop me a line at the above email - if you have something to share but don't know much about recording let me know and I'll see if I can visit you.

The following people have kindly contributed to Cumbria Remixed:
  • All N4tural
  • Arthur
  • Jordan B
  • Bethany
  • Geoff Benson
  • Janice Benson
  • Gary Bridgins
  • David Brown
  • Kevin Busby
  • Adrian Carter
  • Thomas Crayston
  • Dead Kousin
  • Demi
  • Eunice and Eric
  • Elaine Garner
  • Arran George
  • John Hall
  • Ian Holloway
  • J.J. Hunt
  • Paul Ibram
  • Keith Jafrate
  • Johnny
  • Jay Kerr
  • Kelvin Knight
  • Paul Kurcher
  • Mark Lee
  • Carlos Lemosh
  • Lewis
  • Josh Lewis
  • Steve Lewis
  • Betty Ley
  • Jack Little
  • Guido Lusetti
  • Jack Manning
  • Barry Martin
  • Iain McNichol
  • Sophie McNulty
  • Stuart Metcalfe
  • Natalie
  • Clint Newton
  • Mary Oliver
  • Derek Piotr
  • Phil Powell
  • Joe R
  • Christine Shaw
  • Stephen Shiell
  • Ian Simpson
  • Rachel Singleton
  • Michael Slater
  • John Sobocan
  • Stuart
  • Kirsten Taylor
  • Fox Tyler
  • Neil Wade
  • Ann Wilson
  • Howard Wilson