'I couldn't help but try to get something done for this the second I heard about it--the concept of the project is gorgeous' - Tim (Dallas, Texas, US)

Cumbria Remixed is an exciting new sound project using digital technologies to investigate and remix the soundscape of Cumbria. It will create a lively dialogue between old and new, young and old through field recordings of Cumbrian environments, and local people’s tales, tunes, stories and songs. It will use digital technology to remix and remould our environment and our stories to create new soundscapes and songs.

Cumbria Remixed is a project by sound artist Shaun Blezard for Lanternhouse.

Shaun will be creating a series of works throughout the project both on-line, at Lanternhouse and around Cumbria. He would love to hear from you and work with your recordings of the county.

There will also be the chance for anyone to make their own soundscapes by either using one of the Sample Packs, available through the blog or the Lanternhouse website, or come to try their hand at remixing and VJing at one of the Meet the Artist days. You can also drop in on one of these days just to have a chat or let Shaun record your memories and songs or to try your hand at field recording.

Cumbria Remixed has already gained international recognition with Shaun about to be interviewed by Disquiet of San Francisco and the project has had interest from as far as Argentina and Japan.

Shaun has been writing music about and of Cumbria for over 10 years, working with artists, poets, musicians, dancers and the community as well as incorporating sounds of the local environment into his work.
'A fine collection of digital landscape paintings and atmospheres by Shaun Blezard under his Clutter alias... Remarkable to think that such clinical instruments as the iPod and Nintendo DS were used as tools to realise this very human music' - Ed Pinsent – Sound Projector 19

You can send audio files to the Cumbria Remixed dropbox, e-mail Shaun at
info@shaunblezard.com or come into Lanternhouse for one of the projects Meet the Artist days.