Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Test live visual broadcast on

This was a little test live visual broadcast I did on to try out the idea of live streaming a gig in the future - It is a live VJ set I performed along to audio recordings of me jamming - all using recordings of Lanternhouse. I just filmed the laptop screen, so all a bit lo-fi but keep a look out for more live streaming - Once I've sorted out the tech I'll let you all know when I do a live set - need to get the stuff working and find an interesting venue or two.

Watch live video from cluttermusic on

This will be around for a week or so then disappear, bit like iPlayer :-)

Many thanks to Steve Wade from Folly for telling me about justin, gonna have some fun with it I think.

I have also been working with Neil Wade on some Wii remote fun, still in developement but we're hoping to have a wii quartet happening in the near future.

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