Sunday, 27 February 2011

Meet the artist and more

I had a fantastic day at Lanternhouse on Friday for my first Meet The Artist day. We had a steady stream of people coming to play and try their hand at remixing Lanternhouse with some stunning results.

Among my personal highlights were a mellow collaborative, improvised session with Ian McNichol's singing bowls and recordings of the building where a little ensemble created a beautiful audio visual treat for passers by.

There was also some great new VJ loops and sound recordings made and it was great to see people trying things out for the first time and really engaging with the technology. It was good to get to talk to people about the project and to make some plans to do some visiting and recording with people, also always great to get feedback and ideas for the project. Some really fun ideas coming to try out in the next few weeks.

Here's a collage of some of the music created during the day:

I'm starting to get a feel for what is achieveable and I'm excited about getting an interactive, improvised installation together by the end of the project. We got some amazing results from the test material of Lanternhouse and I will now start adding more sounds and film to the mix.

The next Meet The Artist day is on 9th March at Lanternhouse - visit for more details.

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