Saturday, 19 February 2011

More remixes of Lanternhouse

We have been sent another four remixes of the Lanternhouse buiding, making a total of seven in the five days since the Lanternhouse sample pack has been available for download.

The new remixes come from Canada, Swansea, Warrington and the first Cumbrian remix from Ambleside.

Bubble is John Sobocan from Toronto, Canada who has sent us Cumbria Shake Mix.

Bubble on Soundcloud :: Bubble biography

InternalExternal is Ambleside resident David Brown. Our very first Cumbrian based remix has sent us Cloudy Raintime, a very Cumbrian title.

InternalExternal on Soundcloud

Swansea sound artist Ian Holloway sent us the track Balefire. As well as being a great artist Ian also runs the experimental label Quiet World and the long running review fanzine Wonderful Wooden Reasons.

Quiet World :: Wonderful Wooden Reasons

Noise Research is Warrington based musician Ian Simpson, who has sent us The Lanternhouse Remix. Ian is a brilliant electro-acoustic improviser and can be seen in many incarnations around the North of England. He also finds time to run the amazing net label Electronic Musik and the Electronic Organica experimental music nights in Manchester.Electronic Musik

All the remixes can be downloaded here

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