Sunday, 30 January 2011

First day at Lanternhouse

Spent my first day at Lanternhouse yesterday making sound recordings and filming around the building.

I wanted to start getting to know the building better so went for an exploration with binaural mic and a flip camera collecting material for a piece about Lanternhouse.

This was a great way to start looking at the building with fresh eyes and ears. I've had some sort of relationship with Lanternhouse since it opened so it was refreshing to get to know some bits I'd never been to before like the tower and to stop and really take in small parts of the building.

One of my favourite parts of the sound of the building is the amazing sound of the metal handrails that run up and down the stairwells - really fantastic resonance when hit.

Got some really great binaural recordings along with testing out one of Lanternhouse's Flip cameras, which I used to film some nice looking abstract footage looking at close ups and geometric patterns around the building. My initial thought for a piece was people's relationship with the building and how the building sits within the community of Ulverston but after reviewing my collection of sound and film I was drawn more to just the building itself. To the bits most people don't see, to the bits we walk past and not notice. With this in mind I retraced my steps and recorded a series of contact mic recordings of the building paying attention to things like the noise of the computer server and the rumbling of the lift.

Looking forward to getting back there next week to get some more recordings, especially with contact micand starting to pull my first work of the residency together.

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