Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dormant - Clutter live at Lanternhouse

Clutter live at Open Circuit - Lanternhouse, Ulverston, Cumbria on March 17th 2012.

Film is a slowed down version of Lanternhouse I by Shaun Blezard.

All sounds used are recordings of Lanternhouse and form part of an improvised set.

Original material made during my artist residency at Lanternhouse in 2011 -

The end of an era.......

Thanks to all the staff at Lanternhouse over the years who have made me welcome, it's been a long strange trip as they say, with many highs and lows. I've sometimes loved the place, sometimes hated the place but will definitely miss the place.

'Everything will pass, and the world will perish but the Ninth Symphony will remain.' Mikhail Bakunin

You can also just listen/download the audio from Bandcamp

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