Sunday, 29 May 2011

orfeo 5 - Lament For The Makers

Lament For The Makers is a three track, 60 minute jazz album available for download featuring reworkings of source material from Cumbria Remixed.

The orfeo 5 line up for this album is the duo of Shaun Blezard (electronics) & Keith Jafrate (Saxophones). All the tracks were improvised and recorded live on 4th April 2011 at Keith's in Todmorden.

It was great to work with the recordings in a jazz setting with Keith and to find new ways to present and remould the sounds of Cumbria - it's always such a pleasure to work with him and again I'm really proud of the recordings. Help DIY music and buy a copy, cheers....

Visit the orfeo 5 bandcamp page for other releases.

Other remixes can be downloaded here - at The Internet Archive

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